Young Liar – Sponsored Silence

January 17, 2012

Young Liar have given us a preview of their upcoming EP with a track called sponsored silence.

Cleverly titled EP2, it’s going to be released on The Calcio Print. I’ve set my expectations high for this one. I’m sure it will deliver.

The Newcastle ‘post rock’ band have their sound finely tuned. Instead of following the standard formula of long instrumentals pieces based on soft and strong dynamics, Young Liar go head first into the deep end with upbeat an infectious songs drenched in distortion and delay. Yes, there are obvious similarities to bands such as Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, but there are also differences, and that’s what makes the music special.

If you missed their first release (EP1), you should have a listen to it. It was released on Cottage Industries and features some of the most well crafted instrumental music I’ve heard in a while. Get it here.



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  1. […] few weeks ago I posted a track from Young Liar’s forthcoming EP, cleverly titled EP2. I expressed my enthusiasm for the […]

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