Calling all Zinesters

January 13, 2012

It’s 2012 and it’s been very quiet so far. I’ve spent most of my time stuck at work in my depressing job trying to think about a more interesting life. I’ve tried to convince myself that this year I will start to be a lot more creative. Then again, I need the motivation to do it which I don’t have at the minute.

One of the things I’m set on doing, and have been for some time, is making a zine. I’ve got plenty of ideas floating round. I’ve never tried making a zine before but have always had an admiration of the craftsmanship. Now I feel it’s time I gave it a go myself. I’ve got plenty of photos I want to print and put in a zine but that’s just one of my thoughts. I want to do a collective zine too. I want to have interesting stories, strange drawings and everything else. I’d love to get some imput from people. So far it’s only a little though which I want to expand. If you’re reading this and have something you’d like me to have a look at and out in a zine just send me it. I don’t have a theme, I don’t have a specific structure. I just want it to be something creative, somethings interesting and something exciting. I don’t care if anyone actually reads it, I just want the exhilaration of making something myself and giving something new to the world.

I originally liked the idea of doing a music zine. However, the sheer saturation of music based content on the internet has sucked the life out of it. I’m hoping to get some ideas from somewhere. Maybe it’ll be a few words to inspire me to print something. I don’t know.


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