We Were Promised Jetpacks / Let’s Buy Happiness. Cluny 2. December 3rd 2011

December 9, 2011

A brisk December night and I’m on my way to the Cluny to see We Were Promised Jetpacks, a scottish four piece who play inventive indie rock. At one of my favourite smaller venues, Cluny 2, it’s safe to say that I was looking forward to this show.

I arrive to a packed out room just in time to see Let’s Buy Happiness. Newcastle’s home grown indie poppers. They make beautifully intricate music that’s as loud as it is subtle. They band manage to creative a hazy soundscape that fills the room while the female vocalist tell us stories. It feels refreshing and different. In the past I think I’ve caught myself describing some of their songs as Explosions In The Sky with female vocals. Make of that what you will. I’ve seen this band live many times before and it seems that they improve each time I get to see them. Judging by the reaction from the crowd, I’m not the only one that feels this way. After a string of singles being put out on the bands own label, I’m hoping that I don’t have t wait too long until they release their debut long player.

As We Were Promised Jetpacks take to the stage the air is filled with anticipation. With their new record ‘In the Pit of the Stomach’ just being released, I’m hoping to hear tracks from that as well as some of their greats from ‘These Four Walls’. They open the set with newest album opener “Circles and Squares” which seems to start to get the crowd hyped up with an aural assault of feedback. Next up, they play fan favourite ‘Quiet Little Voices’, which sees the crowd go completely wild. Unfortunately I was stood behind three lads who seem to have just read ‘how to act at a rock concert’ before coming to the gig. This is later backed up with their attempt to ‘stage dive’ from the less than a foot high stage. Nevertheless, I managed to ignore their idiocy and enjoy the music.

They played a diverse range of songs from both their newer record and their debut. For me though, I felt that the stronger songs were those of their debut record. Maybe that’s because they’ve had more time to sink in with me or maybe that record just possesses a better level of song writing, I’m not sure. Still though, their new material still sounded sublime live. I must say though, for the noise that they make, this band does seem very shy. Never really rising to saying much more than a thank you it seemed that they were intent on concentrating solely on the music. In that respect, it definitely showed.

The whole night consisted of abrasive feedback and distortion mixed with soft dynamics and melodic vocal lines. That’s exactly what I was expecting and exactly the reason I enjoyed it so much. They manage to make a noise that is so full of texture and melody that it makes you feel alive. Ending the set on what seemed to be a fan favourite and is definitely my favourite ‘It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning’ was the highlight of the night. The energy in the room was sublime. Everyone in the room was singing along making it feel so much more epic. It was the one song I was truly looking forward to hear like and I think that it surpassed my expectations. I left the venue feeling completely overwhelmed and also slightly deafened! I can’t wait to hear more from these guys.


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