December 2, 2011

Good morning. I’ve just come home from a two day ‘holiday’ in Manchester.

Really though, I went down for the Thurston Moore gig. Which was incredible. But I’ll write a full review for that soon.

Manchester is a brilliant city, one which I thoroughly enjoyed spending my time in. I spent a lot of the time walking around the streets in search of fun things to do. As usual, most of the time was spent searching through record shops. Manchester had some very fine offerings in this respect.The streets and streets worth of vintage shops and art shops had me filled with excitement only to be taken away when I realised that I couldn’t afford to buy anything.

In between these fun filled activities, we ha to take some time out. Lunch was provided by the brilliant Deaf Institute washed down with some delightfully tasty Brooklyn Brown Ale. Also, some lovely little independent coffee shops helped warm us up in the cold winter day.

After the show, we ended up back in the Deaf Institute drinking ourselves silly like ‘The Dude’ with a plethora of drinks inculding the famed White Russian.


One of the highlights had to be the Christmas market. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually a Scrooge, but this was different. We warmed ourselves with mulled wine, gorged on German bratwurst and stuffed ourselves with all the free samples of cheese and olives we could find.

Of course though, like any city, Manchester wasn’t all smiles. The usual mindless idiots trawled the streets. Ranging from horny teenage wrongcocks ‘spitting in girls faces’ in the middle of the night to the regular drunken shouts from attention seeking halfwits I still didn’t feel that I was in the ‘perfect city’. Maybe I’ll have to search some more before I find that.

Since Tuesday, I have been on the Megabus fo more hours than I’ve slept. So I think it’s time for some well deserved rest…..


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